Saturday, 23 January 2016

Best Wedding Photography Documentary Moments of 2015.

Toronto Necropolis
This image was taken while walking from one photo location to another, I turn around to see Blair + Sarah walking hand in hand with the biggest grins... Can you believe we're married, is what this joyous expression says to me! 

St Patricks Parish Toronto + Steam Whistle Brewery
One of my favourite moments is by far the ceremony exit, the emotion, the love, the hope and pure joy, mixed in with a bit of relief that the hard part is now over!

Terrace Banquet Centre
A moment between Cristina + Matthew, where everyone else in the room seems to disappear.

I adore this shot, Victoria's father and the limo driver are walking her up the church steps, doing all they can to make sure the bride and her beautiful ball gown stay dry during the downpour. Why I love this shot, she is still smiling!  

King Valley
A quiet moment of solitude and connection for Rachel + Jay.
Markham Museum
Karina + Fu are beyond happy, I just love the way he is looking at her!

Rosewater Room
This was taken right before Jessica + Jack's first look, you can feel the nervous excitement .

Markham Museum
I had Julia + David take a little break during formals and snapped this beautiful shot when they weren't paying attention. 
Toronto City Hall
I have never seen a groom happier then Sean.
King Valley Golf Club
Love Rachel's large smile and slightly teary eyes.
Holland Marsh Winery
We're Married!
Toronto City Hall
I love this shot of Sean and Elle, so natural and intimate.
Tappo Wine Bar
A wonderful embrace at the end of Blair + Sarah's first dance.

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